second = 9.19 billion oscillations of a cesium 133 atom

 minute = 60 seconds

   hour = 3,600 seconds

    day = 86,400 seconds

   week = 604,800 seconds

  month = 18,144,000 seconds

   year = 31,556,926 seconds

 decade = 315,569,260 seconds

century = 3,155,692,600 seconds

About this site

Who built this thing, and why? Here’s the scoop:

Who I am

My name is Steven Ray. I’m a graphic designer who earns his daily bread designing pages for the Star Tribune newspaper here in Minneapolis, while doing freelance work on the side. I’ve long been fascinated by science, math, history, time and trivia; this site was a way to tie all those interests together.

The site

“60 seconds” was originally conceived as my final project for a web-design class at Minneapolis Community College. The main requirement was that the site have at least 50 pages. After some noodling, I hit upon the idea of a trivia site organized around the 60 seconds on a stopwatch.

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Visit the Downloads page to get wallpaper images and a printable version of the site suitable for classroom use. Visit the Contact page to leave comments, corrections or ideas for future web sites.

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